Character Analysis Delta


For everyone’s convenience, this will be a reference for the kinds of things I relate to my character, the directions that he might end up going, and the things he might go through on the way. Feel free to make suggestions to add to this reference. Lists are in no particular order.

Comparable Imagery

  • Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (Video Game)
  • Metal Gear Solid’s Psycho Mantis
  • Watchmen (2009) movie’s Rorschach
  • Catch Me If You Can (2002) movie’s Frank Abagnale Jr. -DiCaprio's role
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009, 2011) movies’ disguise scenes
  • Cowboy Bebop, episode 20’s Pierrot le Fou

Custom Trait Ideas

This is probably an ideal place to address any concerns or objections to the custom distinctions I am experimenting with as well, if anyone thinks they even warrant an explanation. This section will show the ones I have invented so far.


Time waits for no man. You may not be as spry as you used to be, but you’ve learned several ways of making up for it. Roll this distinction when you have first hand historical knowledge, when you use a technique that has been constantly practiced for multiple decades, or when you are trying to prove you have more credibility than someone younger than you.
d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to avoid or abandon a problem because it is not worth your time. “I’m too old for this shit.”
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal you witnessed a rare event when you were young.
d12: Boost a Mental or Social trait when you Reduce a Physical trait.


You’ve spent almost all your life “in the thick of it” and you know the best way to handle all kinds of dangerous or complicated situations. Roll this distinction when you know you have the skills to deal with the threats at hand, when you find yourself in situations you have been trained for, or when you try to use superior tactics against your enemy instead of brute force.
d4: When you are in a conflict that is similar to situations you’ve been in before: Gain a d8 Relationship with your enemy for the rest of the scene and Add a die to trouble, a d6 if it’s for a Feature or a d10 if it’s for a Lead.
d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reveal that you’ve planned for this eventuality and have the resources necessary for your plan.
d12: Earn a Plot Point when you roll your Veteran die at d8 because you are in a contest that does not represent your primary capabilities.

Close Quarters Defense (fighting distinction)

CQD is a defensive style of combat that focuses on increasing distance and creating opportunies to access tools or weapons that will provide a decisive advantage.
d4: Reduce your CQD trait to Reroll a die in a CQD pool when you perform an unexpected maneuver.
d8: Earn a plot point and Decrease your CQD pool when you roll your CQD die in addition to a weapon oriented trait’s die.
d12: Earn a plot point and Give your opponent a d6 when you add an additional die to a CQD pool’s total


I have envisioned multiple eventualities for Delta , many of which might be looking too far forward for however long this campaign lasts. Please be aware, there will also be some eventual outcomes written here even if there is no chance of those outcomes occurring. If there is any discussion of involvement with Delta’s resolutions, be mindful of which ones might actually be plausible.

I have not ruled out a future of villainy. If we ever decide that Delta has become a more constant source of opposition for the party, rather than a source of conflict if that makes any sense, I am not against turning over control of the character and making a new one.

Basic Individual
Right now; If Delta does not end up committed to any specific organization, I could only really see him either continuing to fight for Gotham his own way, traveling the world in an effort to end corruption and protect the innocent, or abandoning all notions of his efforts actually making a difference and disappearing forever. At least until he ends up retired, dead, or suffering from the same kind of madness Adam Arthur had.

Basic Cooperative
I can picture Delta dedicating himself to, or maybe even leading, either the Justice League, the League of Shadows, or Vagabond’s crazy thing. The League of Shadows might be particularly interesting as they might have more ways to utilize the psychic illusory abilities that I’d like Delta to develop. He currently doesn’t trust anything having to do with Amanda Waller and he is currently at odds with Dr. Fate. If those impediments get resolved, he might find a use for Checkmate, Task Force X, or the Church of the Bat. He doesn’t know anything about the Court of Owls; and even if there was something appealing about joining them, they would probably have to be very persuasive for Delta to take his chances. I don’t think Delta can, or would, return to the Grim Hounds. The people that know about him would make it far too difficult for them to disavow any knowledge of Vincent’s Existence.

Enhanced Individual
If Delta ever develops some of the more traditional Lantern abilities, but still doesn’t affiliate with any factions, I don’t see much changing except he may end up wandering the universe instead of just the planet. He might try to “rid” the planet of people he feels are evil first though.

Enhanced Cooperative
There might be a natural association with the blue lantern corps, but they might resist that affiliation because the ring didn’t choose Delta. Alternatively, if Delta learns enough about the ring and decides to try and really abuse it’s power, I can imagine the takeover of other factions or the creation of his own in order to indoctrinate them into channeling their hope to make Delta more powerful.

Impossible Speculations
I have been amusing myself with one idea where Delta abuses the ring’s power as mentioned previously and then takes advantage of something like the O.M.A.C. project. This would be done for the purpose of turning people, ideally entire planets’ people, into cyborgs that are forced to automatically channel their hope into Delta. I don’t really know the limits of blue lantern powers, so I imagine him becoming something like Darkseid if he does this and never gets stopped.

Current Mentality

Foreseeable Challenges

Lead Interactions

Character Analysis Delta

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